Meet Michael Delevante – The Rum Doctor.

The founders of NOXX&DUNN Florida Rum were sitting around sampling blends for a new venture when our Chief of Blending and Concocting, Michael Delevante, poured the cleanest most flavorful rum blend we had ever tasted.

“This stuff is from Florida,” he said, “ I almost took a job there”

“Really, when?” one of us asked.

Michael smiled, “In 1977.”

Prior to that Michael had worked for Appleton in Jamaica as distillery manager, having joined the company in 1963. In 1977, he considered a job in Florida, but instead joined McGuinness Distillers in Toronto. He became Technical Services Manager and was responsible for engineering and product development as well as bottling Appleton rums which were sent from Jamaica in bulk to McGuinness. When McGuinness ceased operations he started a consulting practice with Appleton as his main client.

Michael continued to build a legendary international distilling and blending career with Appleton as well as several craft distillers. Along the way he mentored a generation of spirit professionals and authored several books. He also became widely known as “The Rum Doctor”

But Michael had some unfinished business in Florida. He had always admired the state as a natural source of rum because of its abundance of sugar cane and great distilling techniques. So, he now brings us NOXX&DUNN Florida Rum – a rum that is unique in it’s character.

NOXX&DUNN is a pure blend of rums that have been aged in Bourbon casks that are not used for future blends. Under Michael’s direction, rums aged for two, four and five years are selected and then meticulously blended, filtered and bottled in small batches.

Micheal’s Favourite Drink – The NOXX&GINGER


  • 2 oz NOXX&DUNN 2-4-5 Florida Rum
  • a splash of ginger ale
  • ice cubes
  • orange wedge for garnish


Pour NOXX&DUNN 2-4-5 Florida Rum over ice, add ginger ale and stir gently until chilled. Garnish with an orange wedge.